Getting Better Results with ChatGPT (Busy Mom Edition)

Well, I know I am not a mom, but I wanted to lead you through something a little fun while also teaching you how to improve your results with ChatGPT, Bard, or Claude. Getting better output from ChatGPT is easy if you use the proper syntax. While the example below is great for a busy mom (or dad), the overall method could be used for several different queries, but this one is a fun starter that just about anyone can relate to.

Using the Proper Syntax for Better Results

When you want to get great information back from your ChatGPT session, the best practice is to use a format that follows a structure such as: [persona] + [context] + [task] + [format] + [tone]

  • Persona: Set the AI’s identity – “You’re a mom…”
  • Context: Set the stage by defining the scenario.
  • Task: Kick off with a dynamic action verb, e.g., “Compile the top…”. This is the most critical part of the formula.
  • Format: Specify the desired layout of the outcome – bullet points, regular paragraphs, or perhaps a table? For instance, “Generate the information in table format with clear column headers:…”
  • Tone: Determine the tone based on your intent – friendly, enthusiastic, or formal. Tailor it to align with the goal of your request.

An Example

Here is a good example for you to try, with the above information. However the sky is the limit and the only limit is your imagination. P.S. If you forgot how to use ChatGPT, we covered it here:

"You're a mother of two preschool children who is finding it difficult to prepare meals that are both appetizing and healthy for your children.
List 10 simple dinner recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.
Present the list in a table format that includes the meal name, preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, directions, and servings."

Let me know how it went.

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